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Dr. Masami Kichimi DC, BS, BA  Over 30 years practice in Los Angeles
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Adjust Dojo

Provides Authentic Hard Core Chiropractic Adjustment :
Restore the juxtaposition of vertebral joints and recover the normal alignment.
Restore the movement of the joints
Relieve pain
Restore and promote the function of the nerves and the body

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Improve a pain by Chiropractic Adjust Dojo

When you go to a Chiropractic Clinic, you might receive many different types of treatments such as Massage, Traction, Electrotherapy, PT, Activator ,Laser, and Nutritional Treatment etc.
However, the most unique and distinguished results you can get from Chiropractic treatment among other treatments is through straight spinal adjustment.
There days, the number of Chiropractors who perform straight Chiropractic adjustment has been decreased.
I value and emphasize spinal adjustment the most and perform a hard core straight adjustment in my treatment.
My adjustment techniques are composed of Chiropractic adjusting technique and Seitai adjusting technique which is the Chiropractic techniques of Japanese version combined.
I stick to those hard core straight adjusting techniques with some soft tissue techniques when needed, which will provide you excellent sports performances
I will be glad if I can be of your help with your health and your quality life.
Secret of The Treatment:
As long as the direction of the applied force is correct, application of a pressure may improve the symptom more or less.
However, alignment won’t change nor improve with the simple pressure such as massage or acupressure.
One or several legitimate adjustments may improve the symptoms dramatically and may allow your daily activity. This level of the treatment may be enough to perform your daily duties.
However, if you would like to recover complete normal alignment with further hard core adjustments, you will be able to gain excellent sports performances. You are ready for challenging your new skills and records.

He experienced a lot of difficulties since he was weak in his childhood. He tried many different kinds of exercises and sports for his health and fitness. Then, he had a chance to meet bodybuilding after entering the University and he was hooked up on it. He became intercollegiate national champion of bodybuilding. Graduate from Keio University. Meantime, he had a lower back problem and was struggling for recovery in spite of medical cares. He encountered Seitai treatment which is a Japanese version of Chiropractic and his condition was improved by the adjustments. After studying at Seitai School and Worked for Shibuya Chiropractic Institute, he studied overseas at Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Practiced Chiropractic for more than 30 years in Los Angeles, he reopened his office at Azabejuban in Tokyo in 2016.

  Before After  
  Low back pain snd leg pain  Difficulty moving and standing straight Antalgic leaning forwardSharp pain with body movementPain aggravated by sittingDifficulty standing up after sitting    No pain in low back and leg Easy to stand up straight without No pain with body movements   
  Lumbar vertebrae before the correction Lumbar vertebrae after the correction  
  Tibia before the correction Tibia after the correction  
  Vertebra before the correction Vertebra after the correction  
Though the adjustment may make a big noise, the change of the osseous alignment is very minute such as millimeters even in big structure like lower back.
In general, the misaligned lower back segment by only several millimeters won’t give you a pain or problems. But, when the misalignment becomes big enough to damage the surrounding tissues or compress the nerves, the person starts feeling pain.
At this point, if you can get properly adjusted by only a few millimeters enough to relieve the stress from the tissues or nerves, the pain symptoms may improve dramatically.
And those adjustments are satisfactory and enough to spend a daily routine life.
However, if you have a heavy duty work and you would like to improve your sports performances and challenge your new record or limit, you have to get your alignment back to perfectly normal level.
12 adjustments were performed on this particular case. At that point, the L5 lumbar vertebra appeared to be adjusted back in about 30mm anteriorly, which means 2~3mm improvement with every adjustment.
The lumbar spine should look straight in anterior/posterior view of the Xray.
However, more importantly, the configuration should have a anterior curvature (lordosis) in the lateral view of the lumbar spine like the After on this case.
This arch structure gives a tremendous strength, stability and shock absorbing spring action to the lumbar vertebrae.
When you bear down and put your strength on the lower back, your lower back can tolerate tons of weights.
When you have heavy lifting or play sports, this curvature performs a critical role.
Again, straight lumbar in the side view of the Xray is not normal but misalignment, abnormal, weak and vulnerable.
When the lumbar vertebrae are adjusted and recover the lordosis (anterior curvature ) many good news have been reported that the athlete could accomplish a new skill, a new record and excellent scores etc.
News and miscellaneous notes
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